Frequently Ask Questions

Can I make calls and surf the web at the same time ?
Yes, you can do both activities at the same time without any decrease in the quality of service.

What is DSL?
DSL is an acronym for Digital Subscriber line (aka internet using phone line).  Jorards Communications' bottomlessinternet delivers High-speed Internet over DSL to your home.

Is my personal information protected?
Absolutely, we take great measures to protect your personal information.

How long will it take for my order to process?

Orders are instant. The processing  a) for DSL internet, it will take 5 business days; b) for cable internet, it will take 7 business days;

Do you provide the DSL or cable modem?

No. We do not provide modems, but you can always purchase one from us. Please click this link for more information on options and prices.

What is the maximum data transfer I can use for the month? *
We currently offers a no cap (no limit) on our DSL service and cable Extreme Pro therefore there is no maximum data transfer for the month. However, some cable internet options have large cap (300 gig limit).

May I cancel my DSL service anytime? *
If you decide to cancel the internet service from us, we need a least 30 days notice and possible cancellation fees (not more than $60). 

Do I need to purchase or rent a modem to use your DSL service? *
In order to use our DSL service you will require a DSL modem. You may purchase a modem from us. If the modem is not from us then you'll be required to configure it with the necessary username and password. The username and password would have to be specified under the PPPoE connection settings of your DSL modem. However, we may not be able to fully support you or the modem.

How long will it take to have the High Speed Internet activated on my phone line? *
It may take 5-10 business days to get an active DSL line completed. Most activations are done within the 4 business days, however, some orders may take longer to complete depending on the area.

Sending Payments. What's Jorards' BottomlessInternet Mailing Address?

Pay to:

Jorards Communications

26 Scarfair Path Way

Toronto, ON M1B 4E8

 What Are Filters & Are They Required? *

A filter is a small electronic component that fits between your phone line and a regular voice device, such as a phone or fax.

All devices in the house except the DSL modem itself must be connected through filters. The filter is responsible for protecing the phone devices from high frequency noise on the line. In addition, the filter protects the DSL signal from being contaminated by high frequency noise added by analog phone devices or answering machines.

Will my service be affected if I cancel my landline? *

If you have regular ADSL service with us, not Dry DSL and your phone line information is changed (you cancel your phone line, switch to another phone line provider, get a new phone number from the same phone line provider) you need to inform us about the changes. As we provide service through your phone line, we need to have up-to-date information about your phone line.

I didn't find the answer I was looking for here. How Do I get more help? *
If you require any information that is not covered in this FAQ page,
please feel free to *contact our support team* 647-367-4409 or or fill the form below.  They will help you out with any additional questions you may have!

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