Update:   UBB implementation has been postponed indefinitely.

CRTC UBB decision may be overturned! Click here to read full story from Toronto Star news

Read official statement from  CRTC below:

Statement from the Chairman of the CRTC on usage-based billing

OTTAWA-GATINEAU, February 3, 2011 —The Chairman of the Canadian
Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission, Konrad von
Finckenstein, Q.C., today made the following statement in an appearance
before the Standing Committee on Industry, Science and Technology of the
House of Commons:

“Our decisions were set to take effect on March 1, 2011. We have since
received from Bell Canada a request that we delay the implementation date
by 60 days. A party from our last proceeding, Vaxination Informatique, has
also filed a request for a delay.

In light of these requests and the evident concerns expressed by Canadians,
the Commission has decided to:

Delay the implementation of usage-based billing for wholesale customers by
at least 60 days.

Launch, of our own motion, a review of our decision to verify that:

it protects consumers those who use the Internet heavily pay for their
excess use, and Small ISPs retain maximum flexibility and continue to be a
key source of innovation in the industry.

I would like to reiterate the Commission’s view that usage-based billing
is a legitimate principle for pricing Internet services. We are convinced
that Internet services are no different than other public utilities, and
the vast majority of Internet users should not be asked to subsidize a
small minority of heavy users. For us, it is a question of fundamental
fairness. Let me restate: ordinary users should not be forced to subsidize
heavy users.

In addition, we want to be absolutely certain that the modalities we have
established are the most flexible under the circumstances and do not hinder
innovation or harm Small ISPs.

A document outlining the terms of the review will be posted on our website
this coming Monday.”

We recently emailed about a new upcoming Usage Based billing that will take

effect March 1st/2011. We are as frustrated as anyone in this ludicrous decision.

Please take the time to sign the petition in hopes of having everything overturned!

Please spread the word.   Many parties of government are taking notice

and your help will put much more fire into the situation!

We feel the problem will either be put on hold for a longer period of time

or abandoned all together!  Let's all hope for the best!


Important information regarding the upcoming Harmonized Sales Tax

Effective July 1st, 2010

  • Ontario - 13% HST (8% provincial plus 5% federal components)

The HST is administered by the federal Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) and to learn more about how it impacts you, including what tax credits may be available to you, we recommend you contact the CRA and/or consult a tax advisor. Additional information is available at http://www.cra-arc.gc.ca/harmonization.


As you may be aware, the CRTC has approved Usage Based Billing with the condition that Bell cannot start charging its wholesale clients until they can show that they have fully implemented UBB for its retail side first.

You can review the CRTC's decision at the following link:


Although this is a setback, the fight is not over. We will continue to work diligently with the CRTC to increase the cap and reduce the overage charges.


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